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The high-energy drum & bass sub-genre is back... and in a very big way!

Jump-up — the bouncy, bassline-led strain of drum & bass — seems bigger than ever right now. DJ Mag talks to the leading playaz in...

We salute you!

From what started out as a hobby to now a full fledged brand has definitely shocked me,” explains Hype co-founder Liam Green. Along with Aidy...

The knob-free touch controller from Livid

It's impossible to review any kind of DJ or studio controller without chucking in a few ‘Inbetweeners’-style knob-gags, so you can imagine my distress when this reviewer first unwrapped Livid's Base, an entirely touch-sensitive USB MIDI controller. Were they so desperate to be taken seriously that they'd deprive a lonely studio soul of his one puerile release? Actually no, there's a very good reason to go knob-free. Join me on a session of tender touching to find out...

Sound advice from the Soundboy.

Launched last year in Birmingham, Soundboy UK is a clothing label with its heart set firmly on creating and nurturing street styles and attitudes.

Seeing red seeing Huf

February is the month of red afterall and Huf is just about our favourite brand of the moment. And that’s saying something!

Fresh as a daisy, Hype is the kind of underground label that makes us smile!

Not to be put off by the fact that Topshop are big fans, Hype. releases bold prints, jazzy patterns and currently has the full backing of young and stylish types.