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It's not just the Football that's putting Brazil in the spotlight...

“Brazil is having a bit of a moment,” says Flow, the female half of the Rio-based girlfriend-and-boyfriend house DJ/production duo Flow & Zeo.
“Something exciting...

Brazilian d&b don headlines Cardiff record shop’s fest

Former Fugees star in hugely anticipated comeback show

Outlook, the festival in Croatia now in its seventh year, has just added Ms Lauryn Hill to an already ballooning bill. The former Fugees singer...

The seminal tracks that altered dance forever!

In the mid-‘90s, drum & bass was the most futuristic, kick-ass, innovative UK-derived music around. After a gestation period in the underground, breakbeat science exploded into the mainstream, although that led to assorted TV ads and theme tunes and suchlike co-opting a d&b element to them. But because the scene itself was controlled by the DJs — Bryan Gee, Fab & Groove, Goldie, Hype etc — it was able to be steered back underground, so that by the end of the 20th century d&b was largely associated with the dark tech-step sound of No U-Turn et al.