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Marquee. Las Vegas

We talk to rising star Ashley Wallbridge about what Vegas crowds expect (and how to keep them entertained)

Stoke-On-Trent's Ashley Wallbridge has gone from a trance newbie to one of the hottest names in big room dance in a matter of years. Now...

Marquee resident and EDM A-lister speaks out

Las Vegas’s dance music gold rush has seen buzzword clubs flip quicker than a winning hand at a hot table. But it’s Marquee Nightclub and Dayclub that’s gobbled up more column inches than any other. That’s down in no small part to the Who’s Who of DJ residents they’ve brought in. That, in clip-note form, is what’s brought us here today: a sit-down and pow-wow about Marquee, the universe and other things with one of their resident elite. Step forward Jeffrey Sutorius, DJ, frontman, mouthpiece and best-known-face of trance trio Dash Berlin. And a man it transpires that, like Las Vegas, has seen some boom and bust of his own.