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Poll Clubs 2019: CLUB SPACE

Location: Miami, United States

Capacity: 2,500

Miami’s Club Space has undergone a number of changes since it came under new ownership in 2017. Although it’d gained a reputation as a spot solely for the EDM-inclined, the club — now guided by local promoters Link Miami Rebels and members of the team behind III Points music festival — has now become a de facto hub for forward-thinking music in Miami. With four rooms and two clubs within the venue (Floyd and the Ground), Space plays host to everyone from techno titans such as Ben Klock, house heavyweights including Honey Dijon and The Black Madonna, and even the likes of goth godfather Peter Murphy. With the help of resident DJs Danyelino, Ms Mada, Hardline, Bakke, and Thunderpony, Space has truly become a place where anything can happen — where else can you catch Wu-Tang’s RZA MCing over a Call Super set?