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Mister Saturday Night

Photo of Eamon Harkin and Justin Carter DJing sitting on a green sofa in a pink-lit warehouse

In early 2009, Eamon Harkin and Justin Carter launched Mister Saturday Night. The party formed the roots of what would eventually become the beloved nightspot Nowadays, a “by us, for us” club that’s become a community hub for NYC’s nightlifers. Following the release of a sprawling box-set to mark the party’s 15th anniversary, and alongside a mix recorded live from the club, Harkin, Carter and a few of the compilation’s featured artists fill us in on what makes Mister Saturday Night so special

It began, as many projects do, because of a nagging discontent with the way that things were. It was the late ’00s, and New York...

Mister Saturday Night 15th Anniversary

A 15-cassette box set has been unveiled to mark 15 years of celebrated New York party Mister Saturday Night. The collection will go on sale...

Five tracks of footwork, 2-step garage, broken house and more

Ciel has dropped a new EP, 'All We Have Is Each Other', on New York City label Mister Saturday Night. Check it out below. 


This weekend's party will be the final one using the system

Mister Saturday Night have placed the soundsystem they use for Mister Sunday parties up for sale on eBay.

It's been placed online with a starting...

Mister Saturday Night

DJ Weekly Podcast by Mister Saturday Night, aka Eamon Harkin and Justin Carter.