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Pioneer launch new version of their RekordBox software...

Three is the magic number for Pioneer and their rekordbox software and app. Version 3 brings a string of new features to Pioneer’s set preparation...

With built-in soundcard

Pioneer are currently firing out new products at a rapid pace, making sure they have an option for every DJing option. The latest announcement features the DJM-900SRT Serato DJ Edition. It is essentially a DJM-900 for Serato users. So those guys and girls who swear by the Serato platform can use their software natively with one of the worlds most-used and in demand mixers

In depth review of the next generation of Pioneer CDJ

The release of the CDJ-2000 shook up clubland’s DJ booths and changed the way many DJs the world over prepared and played their sets — as well as bringing Pioneer to the forefront of DJ technology once again.

New flagship mixer from industry leaders

New flagship mixer from industry leaders