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Plump DJs

More names added to line-up for Manchester breakbeat awards

Brand-new video for Plump DJs' electro banger 'U Belong 2 Us'

'U Belong 2 Us', the latest track from London-based duo Plump DJs, avoids subtleties entirely, as ringing synths and upbeat vocal samples lead to a...

'Roll Dope Rhymes' has apocalyptic 28 Days Later-style video

The new track from the Plump DJs, 'Roll Dope Rhymes', ticks boxes across several different genres — from old skool electro and hip-house to disco-funk...

Jurassik brings the gully monster breaks

Jurassik, aka Ben Child, first got into dance music in the late '90s via jungle/drum & bass. “Anything with a skippy sampled break, really,” he...

Breaks kings offer free track

All electro squeaks, and vocal stutters this one is vintage Plumps. You can stream and download it free below.

Plump DJs 'fess up to a 'Dirty Weekend'

Those Plump DJs, Andy Gardner and Lee Rous, have their latest comp — 'Dirty Weekend' — out this month on Grand Hotel Records. Their seventh...