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Best of North America Awards 2017

Exchange sits in the historic core of downtown Los Angeles, in what was formerly the Los Angeles Stock Exchange building. Brokers vacated in 1986 when...

Flare Audio release their new R2PRO in-ear monitors via Kickstarter campaign

Flare Audio are branching out of the sound install market and are now looking at headphones and in ear monitoring.

We join ever bumping UK garage king DJ EZ for a night on the town in LA

Noisy traffic lanes buzz cacophonously, scores of people lost in conversation, taking photos, following every star sign. City tour and nightlife street promoters are poaching...

Revolutionising home listening

DJs are at heart music lovers. Dedicating your life to sharing and mixing a superior taste in tunes suggests a serious passion for sound. Most...

Here'a chance to test how good your hearing is on Philips New Golden Ears Website

Philips have disclosed one of their trade secrets as to making sound equipment of exceptional quality by allowing anybody that is interested an oppertunity to take part in their Golden Ears Training Program.

Get the best sound for your studio

Most project studios are hosted inside rooms that were not built with acoustics in mind. Bedrooms, garages, offices and other conventional rooms can vastly affect the accuracy of your referencing during producing, listening and mixing down.