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Stevie Wonder


A new documentary explores the life and legacy of synth pioneer Tom Oberheim.

Produced by GForce Software, the 37-minute film 'Bright Sparks: Tom Oberheim' delves into...

The Stevie Wonder collaborator passed away after a long illness 

Synthesizer legend, Stevie Wonder collaborator and inventor of TONTO – the world’s biggest synthesizer – Malcolm Cecil has died aged 84. Cecil was one-half of TONTO’s...

Carl Cox's 7 most important tracks

Carl Cox started DJing when he was just nine-years-old at the request of his dad, who would let him stay up late if he picked...

House legend plays us his most inspiring records

House legend Felix Da Housecat has found his way again, not that we ever thought he’d veered from the path of genius. After experiencing something close to a divine intervention, convinced that he had the devil on one shoulder and his family on the other, Felix has given up tequila. And his creative juices are in full flow again, with his latest release, the ‘Sinner Winner’ EP, sparking mayhem on the dancefloors, an exciting collaboration with dub hero Lee Scratch Perry in the bag and a new album due for release this year. Now living in London, Felix cites the UK as the place that he got his start. 
“I’ve lived here back and forth, sometimes I would stay for a year. But when I first came, England accepted me. And the vibe here back then, it’s still that vibe here now, it's not cheesy here at all.”