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FROM: Exeter, United Kingdom

FOR FANS OF: Fracture, Om Unit, Sam Binga

THREE TUNES: 'Lock Off', 'Death Becometh' and 'Shelled'

If there’s one holy grail for any producer looking to make their own stamp in any genre, it’s this: to sound unique. Ridiculously easy (and...

People power!

Vinylised is a new vinyl production company helping small labels press records. 

It provides imprints with a complete end-to end service and the process is...

Dubstep pioneer now plays whatever the hell he wants

Following the news story on Plastician remastering his back catalogue, DJ Mag speaks to the dubstep pioneer looking to the past as he begins to...

Dubstep pioneer harks back to the beginning

Plastician, one of dubstep's pioneers, has revealed a forthcoming album of remastered material from the early ‘00s.

Featuring over 20 tracks, the album will consist...