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Trax Records

A history of Trax Records and the fight for Chicago's house pioneers' royalties

Chicago’s Trax Records released some of the most influential records in house history, but decades later, many of the artists behind them are still waiting to be paid. Harold Heath investigates the long and complicated history of one of house music’s most infamous labels

The Trax Records saga is a tangled tale of pioneering, seminal music created by a clutch of hungry young producers and DJs, whose raw, innovative...

Chicago’s Trax Records sued by over a dozen artists over unpaid royalties

Trax Records, the Chicago record label that played a key role in the development of house music, is being sued by over a dozen artists...

Larry Heard and Robert Owens via Traxsource

Larry Heard and Robert Owens have won their legal case against Trax Records, The Guardian reports

In 2020, Chicago house innovators Heard (AKA Mr...

Larry Heard and Robert Owens have filed a lawsuit against the label

Trax Records hit with lawsuit for $1 million in 'unpaid' royalties to artists.

House innovators Larry Heard (AKA Mr Fingers), and Robert Owens, have filed...

The artist revealed in a post on Facebook that Trax Records owed him royalties

A fundraiser has been started for pioneering Chicago house producer, Adonis, who revealed he had not received "a penny" in royalties from renowned house label...

The label executive founded the legendary TRAX Records in 1984

Larry Sherman, co-founder of legendary Chicago house label TRAX Records, has died, aged 70.

The sad news was broken on Thursday (9th April) by Marshall...

Dedication to house and disco purism

One of the creative minds behind the Faith fanzines during the '90s and the label Junior Boys Own, Farley is held by many as a national treasure.