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In July, Disney’s President of Music & Soundtracks said he'd want Daft Punk to soundtrack the third Tron film

Tron 3 has been confirmed, with Daft Punk rumoured for the forthcoming epic's soundtrack.

The reveal came via Oscar-winning actor Jard Leto's social media, who...

Disney wants Daft Punk to soundtrack planned Tron sequel

The President of Music & Soundtracks recently spoke with the duo's manager

Disney wants Daft Punk to soundtrack a planned Tron sequel.

In a recent episode of Light The Fuse, a weekly podcast about MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE with...

But will Daft Punk return for the soundtrack?

Disney have announced a follow-up to 2010's Tron: Legacy, which was soundtracked by French superstars Daft Punk, is in development.

Plans for a third Tron...

Quick! Snap up the legendary sci-fi soundtrack on vinyl via Disney's online shop.

Disney has reissued the soundtrack to its 2010 sequel of much-loved 1982 sci-fi classic, Tron, famously scored by French house duo, Daft Punk.

The original...