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Robert Hood’s ‘Waveform Transmission Vol. 2’ gets 30th anniversary Tresor reissue

The techno pioneer dedicates the re-release to "the form of simplicity, the reasoning of vision..."

Robert Hood's seminal LP 'Waveform Transmission Vol. 2' is set for a 30th-anniversary reissue via Tresor. Originally released under the alias The Vision, Hood's 1993...

The height of techno fashion...?

U.S.-based clothing brand Carhartt has announced it's teamed up with techno collective Underground Resistance for an exclusive line of workwear.

The collection, which will be...

Detroit legend speaks out

Robert Hood was a member of Underground Resistance, the legendary militant visionary techno collective from Detroit. After leaving UR in the early 1990s, Robert pioneered a minimalist form of techno — along with Daniel Bell, Richie Hawtin etc — in reaction to the increasingly hardcore “too ravey” twists and turns that techno was taking.