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Watch the DJ Mag TV tutorial on Novation's AudioHub2x4

Check out our new demonstration video of Novation’s Audiohub 2x4.

Chris from Novation kindly popped into DJ Mag Towers to give us an in-depth run-through...

Vinyl junkies unite

Stanton are not giving up the ghost on the humble turntable and continue to offer DJs who love vinyl options on top grade turntables with their T.92 and T.55 USB models.

Studio control

Behringer have for many years focused on making quality equipment for the budget end of the market, and have now captured the crown in providing producers with pro-featured gear at amazingly low prices.

Four by Four

ESI’s new MAYA 44 soundcard offers four inputs and four outputs all in a compact casing for use with all major music and DJ applications

With guest reviewer ThermalBear

Will the new V2 upgrades to Allen & Heath's DB4 and DB2 mixers warm up the fingers of our guest reviewer, or will they leave him with a severe case of frostbite?

The ultimate audio cables!

Oyaide Neo d+ are the be-all-and-end-all when it comes to computer and audio cables, making USB and phono cables for DJs, producers and club installs. These top-shelf cables are designed for high-end audio systems and are made from space-age materials to deliver the ultimate in sound or data transfer.