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Free plugins, loops, sounds and software galore...

A large online archive features a host of VST plugins and virtual instruments for free download.

Spanning a massive range of legal free VST plugins...

Syntronik is suprisingly affordable...

IK Multimedia has just released Syntronik, a virtual synthesizer plugin that captures the sound of 38 iconic synths.

The new plugin features advanced sound quality...

Welcome to Plugin Corner our monthly expose of some of the best Plug-ins around for creating electronic music

This month we are looking at the new plug-in from Sugar Bytes, Egoist. Proclaiming to be a “groove in a box”, Sugar Bytes have combined...

Get the most out of your vocal tracks

At the basic level Nectar 2 is pretty simple to use. Producers open an instance of Nectar 2 either directly on top of the vocal...

One of the most powerful and popular drum software programs on the market.

There is an age-old problem for modern producers trying to recreate that “live” drum sound and feel using software or samples. It can often be a difficult area to get right. However, XLN’s Addictive Drums aims to help with this little conundrum.

Filter FX plug-in from Sugar Bytes

WOW 2 is a filter FX plug-in from those clever guys at Sugar Bytes, and as the name suggests when you start to use this little thing you’re sure to shout out loud: 'WOW!'

Pocket rocket

There looks to be a resurgence in dedicated compact hardware synths and Waldorf’s newest offering the Rocket Synthesizer is one little beast that offers massive sound in a very small body.

Sugarbytes plug-ins are back!

Sugarbytes make the amazing Cyclops bass plug-in which is featured on many dancefloor fillers and is many a producer’s go-to soft synth for dynamic basslines. With this great heritage it's no surprise that their Turnado plug-in has won the hearts of many dance music producers. Turnado is a tasty multi-effect tool, designed especially for real-time audio manipulation. It’s a great performance tool as well as perfect for studio applications

An electric piano synthesizer plug-in delivering authentic Rhodes and Wurlitzer sounds

Welcome to Plugin Corner, our monthly expose of some of the best Plug-ins around for creating electronic music

Touching Base

Canadian bespoke controller designers Livid are back with their all-new Base compact controller

Recreating that fat, gritty analogue sound

Waves is a name known to all but the greenest of studio dilettantes as producing some of the finest studio effect plug-ins known to humankind.

Sounds of the Underground

Newcomers to the music production scene could be forgiven for thinking that Novation only make controllers and MIDI keyboards due to their huge presence in this market. However Novation started out making synths like their Bass Station, Drum Station and SuperNova synthesisers, the latter being a huge smash with dance producers worldwide, but in recent times they have turned their attention to making various ranges of keyboards and MIDI controllers with much success.

Advanced dubstep presets

Not strictly a sample library, Push Button Bang’s new release is a collection of 64 playable bass and lead modulated preset sequences created for Native Instruments' Massive plug-in.

Skrillex & Boys Noize favoured plug in

Every now and then, a plug-in just slips under the radar. Released last year, Sugar Bytes' Cyclop came recommended by the likes of Skrillex and Boys Noize, to name just a couple of heavyweight users. But those endorsements were likely to deter as many producers as they attracted (and with the same level of conviction), so perhaps it's understandably taken a while for producers in other genres to catch on.

Kings of the road

Once upon a time DJs roamed the planet with boxes filled with enough vinyl to cripple a sherpa and synthesisers that were so big and heavy they required two roadies to wrestle them onto the stage. Fortunately, these days, all it takes is a laptop with a couple of controllers plugged into the USB ports to do the job. Korg have been around since the beginning of the electronic music revolution, and while once they were manufacturers of hardware behemoths, they have kept abreast of the times by releasing a wide range of products in both hardware and software formats, from bulky workstation synthesisers designed to live in a studio to their micro range of keyboards, which are the perfect size and weight to be taken on the road.

After 10 years since the first version of Trash, iZotope come back with it's harder more brutal brother

Welcome to Plug-in Corner, our monthly expose of some

The high-end filter plug in that is dance music's secret weapon

Welcome to Plugin Corner our monthly expose of some of the best Plug-ins around for creating electronic music

One stop plug-in shop from Loopmasters

These days, when it comes to making, producing or mastering music it is all about plug-ins, with few if any studios in the world doing things the old-fashioned way. This new way of doing things in the studio has not escaped the attention of Loopmasters who have created the Plug In Boutique, a website that is all about plug-ins and getting them into studios of all sizes and budgets across the planet.

Learn from the master of subtractive synthesis

Rob Papen is known in production circles as a guru when it comes to synthesis. Now he shares his knowledge with all DJ/producers looking to create their own sounds with his new book and DVD, The 4 Element Synth. Covering the basics right up to advanced techniques, this is a must-have for anyone wanting to get hands-on.

Available as VST, AU, and AAX

Eventide have been one of the biggest players in studio hardware for decades. Their gear can be heard on nearly every major record known to man — they make serious products. It was hard not to get excited about the release of a plug-in version of one of their hardware multi effects units.