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Poll 2018: Carl Cox

Carl Cox

From: Brighton, South Coast, UK
DJ style: “Funky-ass house and techno music.”
Best known for: “Versatility, style and rocking the house.”
Fave tune of 2018: “Alex Mine ‘Lost (Carl Cox Remix)’.”
Breakthrough DJ/producer of 2018: “Charlotte de Witte.”

What can you say about Carl Cox? A titan of the worldwide electronic music scene, he’s a global ambassador whose effervescence and joie de vivre behind the decks is absolutely infectious.

Starting to DJ in his mid-teens, Coxy was ideally placed to become one of the UK’s acid house pioneers, his three-deck vinyl mixing wowing the raves right across the UK. By the mid-90s, with the release of his ‘F.A.C.T.’ mix on React and a slew of productions, he was already the biggest DJ in the UK — a fact borne out by his No.1 placing in 1995’s Top 100 DJs poll, and again in 1997.

Via Ultimate Base and Intec Records he cemented his position, and when he began his residency at Space Ibiza and toured his Carl Cox & Friends around various megafests, he became a globally recognised statesman for our culture. He finished his Space residency when the club closed in 2016, but is now a partner in the Space Club business as they launch into the future. “No pun intended, but watch this Space!” he grins.

Carl has also been working hard on his new label, Awesome Sound Wave, and found time to appear in the What We Started doc with Martin Garrix, with Paul Oakenfold at Stonehenge, and at assorted Resistance parties and more. Coxy is unstoppable — OHYESOHYESOHYES!


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Poll 2016: Carl Cox

Carl Cox


From: UK
DJ style: Infectious.
What’s the next new big track? “The next big track will be Cirez D ‘Backlash’ (Mouseville)’.”
Breakthrough DJ/producer of 2016: “Matador. Hard work and self-belief play a big part in what he has created. What a year he has had — it was so well deserved.”
We finally caught up with Carl Cox after his epic final set at Space, and while he was in transit to one of the Ultra Music Festivals. The closure of the Ibiza club is the latest chapter in an unfortunate year for electronic music, with Fabric in London also shuttering and Spanky from Phuture — as well as icons Bowie and Prince — all passing away. Cox, as ever the people’s DJ, remains upbeat about the future.
“The music will always rejuvenate itself because of new people coming into the scene with new ideas but also influenced by all the great artists and more” he says.

Aside from his Space residency, he also cites parties and festivals like “Awakenings, Tine Warp, Pure in Australia, Dream Beach in Spain and Fabric and Tobacco Docks in London” but adds that “the list is endless”.
Apart from maintaining a hectic DJ schedule, Cox also reveals some surprising plans to DJ Mag.

“It’s going to be Carl Cox Motorsports,” he says. “I love riding motorbikes; doing bike tours worldwide; drag racing and mighty mini racing,” adds the man with the biggest smile in dance music. 

What have been the new frontiers for you this year?
“I am very much into my Carl Cox Motorsports. I have been putting a lot of time and effort into drag racing; side car and classic motorbike racing worldwide.”

Is electronic music taken seriously enough as an art-form?
“Yes, I think that now more than ever that electronic music is part of many platforms in our lives.”

What’s the best new bit of DJ/production technology, and why?
“I am loving the Model 1 mixer from Richie Hawtin. I can go on all day about this mixer, but I won’t – all I can say is that the analogue sound, the filters and the controller on this mixer are by far the best I have ever used.”

If you had to switch your style to another genre, what would it be?
“I love drum & bass in all its forms, but the more intelligent sound pushes all the right buttons for me.”

As a fan, what is the top price you would pay to see yourself DJ?
“As a fan it should not matter – it is what you believe you should pay that counts.”



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Poll 2015: Carl Cox

Carl Cox

With even a periphery knowledge of dance music, you'd be strapped to find a keen clubber who'd never heard the name Carl Cox. Adored by loyal fans the globe over, Cox has been a guiding light in the underground for over two decades, headlining Space in Ibiza every year for as long as anyone would care to remember.

But all that's about to change. “Next year will be my last year at Space Ibiza, so please do not miss a single night if you can, very special line-ups for 15 weeks,” he tells us when we talk Top100. 
Ibiza gigs aside, Cox has spent much of 2015 running his successful INTEC imprint, alongside fellow techno don Jon Rundell, with releases from Christian Varela, Ramiro Lopez, Joe Brunning, Harvey McKay and many, many more.

“I have been working on collabs and remixes with some great artists,” he promises when we hint at his plans for next year. With new material scheduled for the start of 2016, Carl says: “Watch this space!”



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“Techno, tech house, electronic music.”
Best known for: 
“In the early days, three-deck turntable mixing.”
Tune of the year: 
“Format:B 'Gospel (Pleasurekraft & Jaceo Psalm 69 Remix)'.”
The UK
Breakthrough DJ/producer of 2015: 
“Drumcomplex & Roel Salemink.”
What’s the most important skill a DJ should have?: 
“Any good DJ should be able to read a crowd.”
Is the future still bright for EDM?: 
“Yes of course, but now, EDM should stand for concert events, because this is where it is at right now. It's a show.”
Does the constant travelling and DJ lifestyle ever take its toll on you mentally?: 
“No, not really, if you can balance the lifestyle it will never take a toll, some DJs cannot handle it, it’s not for everyone.”
What cause is closest to your heart?: 
“Cancer research.”
Which club would you like to bring back from the dead?: 
“Twilo New York — that was one amazing club.”
Why aren’t there more women in the Top 100 DJs poll?: 
“I really don't know, at my night at Space in Ibiza, I book at least eight to ten female DJs every year, because they play great music and kick dancefloor ass.”
What do you think of DJs who use ghost producers?: 
“I believe, as a DJ, you should stand up for what you make and not hide behind anyone. It's been going on for years and it will continue to do so.”