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April Clare Welsh
18 April 2023, 10:34

60% of musicians are already using AI to make music, study finds

47% of users interviewed by distribution music company Ditto Music said they would use AI for their songwriting


60% of musicians are already using AI to make music, according to a recent study published by global music distribution company Ditto Music.

Spanning over 1,200 Ditto Music users, the research concluded that 59.5% of artists are already using AI, 77% would use AI tools to create their album artwork, 66% for mixing and mastering their music, and 62% for music production.

47% of the users interviewed said they would employ AI for their songwriting while 28.5% said they would never consider using artificial intelligence.

"It's encouraging to see so many musicians embracing advancements in technology and utilising AI as a creative aid," said Ditto Music CEO Lee Parsons. "At Ditto, we pride ourselves on being ahead of the curve and remain dedicated to providing artists with the latest tools, resources, and support they need to succeed on their own terms."

You can see the full findings here.

Earlier this year, we reported that researchers at Google have been working on a new AI tool called MusicLM that can turn text captions into music. An academic paper obtained by TechCrunch reveals that the tool was trained on a dataset of 280,000 hours of music and is capable of generating songs of "significant complexity".

Meanwhile, for the first time this year, experimental Kraków festival Unsound will have an "Artificially Intelligent Artistic Director" (AIAD) on its curation team.

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