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Ableton announces 20% Black Friday offer on Live 11, Push and Packs

A rare chance to get one of the world's most beloved DAWs for a reduced price


Ableton has announced a 20% Black Friday deal on Live 11, Push, and Packs.

One of the world's most beloved DAWs, Live 11, will be available at the reduced price of €63 for the Intro version, which offers more than 1,500 sounds, 21 audio effects, and 11 MIDI effects. Live 11 Standard and Live 11 Suite — which offer additional features like linked-track editing and audio-slicing as well as many more instruments and effects — are available for €279 and €479, respectively. Head to the Ableton shop to take advantage of the offer now.

Ableton are also offering a discount on Push — its flagship controller for integrating with Ableton Live — and 207 sound packs from their Packs range, which include Plucked Strings, String Quartet, Microtuner, Upright Piano, and many more. The Black Friday discounts run until 11th January 2023.

Ableton allows customers to spread the cost of Live or Push over six months at the discounted rate. There's also a 40% discount off the standard price for students and teachers.

Ableton recently launched its first iOS app for forming musical ideas on the go, Note. Described as "a playable iOS app for forming musical ideas", Note incorporates instruments and devices from Ableton Live — including sythesisers and 56 drum sampler kits — for turning sketches into songs, which can then be exported as Live projects. 

Earlier this year, Ableton co-founder Robert Henke spoke out about his preference for CDs over vinyl, specifying the environmental impact of vinyl manufacturing as the reason behind his stance. "The last big physical media innovation, with a better signal-to-noise ratio, better channel separation, better frequency response than vinyl in a smaller package. Compact Disk, you are underrated and you will always have a place in my heart," he said.