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Declan McGlynn
12 December 2023, 12:05

Ableton introduces Push 3 upgrade kit to convert the controller into a standalone unit

A huge update for Push 3 users

Push 3 standalone

Ableton has introduced a new add-on kit for the Push 3 that converts the controller into a standalone unit.

Ableton says that once you install the new upgrade kit, it will be exactly the same as a standalone unit bought new. The kit, which costs £879, adds components needed for standalone use including the Intel 11th Gen Core i3 processor, 8GB RAM, a 256GB SSD hard drive, and a lithium iron phosphate battery and heatsink. It also includes the tools needed to install the upgrade like a screwdriver, and necessary screws, as well as a backplate and protective mat. It also brings WiFi to the controller. 

Once you’ve upgraded your Push 3, you can transfer sets from your unit to your computer using WiFi for further editing and tweaking on a laptop. Ableton also says installing the upgrade doesn’t affect the three-year warranty that starts from the purchase date of the Push 3.

Find out more about the Push 3 upgrade kit on the Ableton website

Last month, Ableton also recently announced a major upgrade to their flagship software Live.