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Declan McGlynn
7 February 2024, 12:30

Akai Pro launches new all-in-one production unit, MPC Keys 37

The workstation has been made official after images of it leaked online last month (January)

akai pro mpc keys 37

Akai has announced a new all-in-one music production unit called the MPC Keys 37.

The unit combines the standalone MPC functionality with a new dedicated MIDI keyboard controller, with the same controls and buttons you’d expect on the MPC range. There are 16 pads, a seven-inch colour screen, four knobs for parameter tweaking and a master control knob for browsing. The MPC Keys 37 also features transport and selection buttons.

The unit boasts the same MPC software from Akai’s previous standalone iterations, with touch-screen sample editing and sequenced effects tweaking. The unit also features over 8GB of built-in samples, built-in plugin instruments like a Juno clone called AIR JURA, an FM synth similar to a DX7, an organ, various piano options, a Minimoog clone, and other tools and instruments for creating beats quickly, and laptop free.

Round back, there’s impressive I/O, with two TRS ins and outs, four TRS CV/Gate ports for analogue connectivity, SD card slot for sample loading, USB MIDI and traditional MIDI DIN I/O. Interestingly, there are no RCA-ins for turntable sampling or XLR-ins for vocal recordings.

Other interesting features include the ability to transfer samples wirelessly, and an upcoming stem separation function that will let producers split samples into vocals, instruments, drums, basslines and more, all from a fully mixed track.

The MPC Keys 37 costs $899. You can find out more on the Akai website

The MPC Keys originally leaked via an MPC Facebook group during the NAMM conference in January.