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Achieve out of the world string sounds with Output's new software instrument

Sound like Steve Reich with Analog Strings new Software Instrument

Analog Strings from Output is another quality release from the LA based company.

Output are known for their great sounding software instrument sample-based Plugins and Analog Strings is another that follows in the vein.

A combination of sampled orchestras and analog synth sounds go into the the make up of Analog strings, offering great depth and ability for producers to create some truly amazing string sounds, coupled with the FX and Modulation sources on the instrument. Anything from conventional to the weird and wonderful can be achieved with Analog Strings.

The layout of the plugin, as with the other Output plugs, is simple and fast to use and great sounds can be created very quickly.

The plugin comes packed with a hefty 39GB of stamples as well as 500 presets, more than enough to get those creative juices flowing.

Mick Wilson is DJ Mag’s Tech Editor. Follow him on Twitter here.