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Arturia releases new granular FX plugin

Efx FRAGMENTS provides “the dreamy, powerful, transformative sound of granular”

Arturia efx fragments

Arturia has announced a new plugin called Efx FRAGMENTS that uses granular synthesis to transform sounds that pass through it. FRAGMENTS works by chopping up your audio and smearing it, filling in the gaps with very short elements of the sound, depending on the settings. If that sounds complicated, think of it long, reverb-like drones, and shimmering tones. 

The plugin features controls for grain capture and grain release, while a playhead shows which part of your audio is being manipulated. You can also tweak the response using the various envelopes on show plus built-in FX add more sonic madness to your samples. 

Watch the video below to hear it in action and visit the Arturia website for more info.