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Audiofly release a new over ear Headphone

Audiofly have released their first pair of over the ear headphones the AF240. Known for their professional in-ear monitoring systems this is their first attempt at an over ear headphone that is designed to deliver clear, honest, sound for music lovers.

The AF240 look the part with its sleek, minimal, low-profile design. The headphone is constructed with a polycarbonate body and alloy arms for a lightweight feel. It’s designed with a self-adjusting headband and memory foam ear cups offering ultimate comfort, allowing users to listen for extended periods of time. The custom fit of the phone isolates up to 20dB of outside noise without compromising the sound, it tunes out unnecessary noises in planes, commuting and other noisy environments, allowing users to concentrate on the enjoyment of their music.

The AF240 features a 40mm driver as well as a host of new technologies to ensure that the sound coming from the phones is second to none.