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Make tasty beats online with Beat Maker from Splice

Splice, is a cloud based service for music creation, collaboration and sharing, a new venture that brings DJs and Producers together in one community. It is a totally fresh approach to making music which we will be covering in more depth in our up coming exclusive review.

However, to get the taste buds flowing and an introduction to what the service is all about Splice have launched a new online beat creation tool Beat Maker, which is part of the bigger Splice world.

Beat Maker is powered by Splice Sounds, its sample subscription platform that is one element to the Splice platform, Beat Maker lets you craft sequenced beats using popular drum samples from Splice Sounds, allowing DJs and Producers to create beats using sample templates from renowned artists like KSHMR, Lex Luger, Pegboard Nerds and KRNE. Its pretty easy to use, simply select & deselect squares on the grid to adjust the rhythm, swap samples and choose your instruments, ultimately sharing your creation with the glorious world! Beat Maker is free to use, and you don’t need a Splice account or any other tools to get started.

Check it out a great introduction to the world of Splice. Oh almost forget to mention the guys from Splice are also giving you a chance to win free gear simply by sharing your beats… Not bad!!!