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Bitwig Studio hits 4.2, adds new FX suite

The modular DAW has added new FX plugins

Bitwig Studio 4.2

Bitwig Studio 4.2 has been announced, and with it comes a suite of new FX plugins. The new update features a range of ‘plus’ plugins, including chorus, flanger and phaser. Chorus+ features models of various chorus types including the classic BBD and CE – similar to Roland’s Juno range – while Flanger+ includes various digital and analogue models around pedals and studio units. Phaser, Chorus and Flanger are all available in Grid Mode too – Bitwig’s modular environment. 

Speaking of The Grid, Bitwig Studio also adds a third environment called Note Grid, where it’s possible to generate and effect MIDI notes. According to Bitwig: “With the new Note Out module, connecting a gate signal will start outputting notes. Pitch, velocity, and channel can be set manually or with dynamic signals. And since Bitwig fluently speaks MPE, unfolding Note Out allows signals for each note’s timbre, pressure, gain, and panning expressions. As with all other Grid modules, Note Out (and CC Out) are available to Poly Grid and FX Grid as well.”

Bitwig Studio 4.2 is available as a free download to current users. Head to their website to learn more about the new update.