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Tri-Arts's new turntable is made from bamboo and looks incredible


Canadian-based company Tri-Art Audio has just shown off its new turntable made completely out of bamboo.

The new bamboo Sprout TA–0.5 turntable is comprised of a bamboo platter, plinth and tonearm, and can be purchased with Audio-Technica’s AT95E cartridge for around $725 (£585).

One of the unique features of the turntable is the counterweight system that Tri-Art have used on their tonearm — two small compartments at the back of the arm that can be loaded with small ball bearings, allowing for adjustment by simply adding or taking away some of the bronze balls.

Tri-Art are no strangers to making audio equipment out of bamboo. Their collection features a range of speakers and audio accessories made from the pliable wood, with the wonderful looking Sprout TA a new addition to their growing series.

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Mick Wilson is DJ Mag’s Tech Editor. Follow him on Twitter here.