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Chosen Masters, a new semi-automated music mastering service, launches online

Thet tool offers artists a professional and affordable way to master their music


A new software programme called Chosen Masters is offering artists a professional-grade and affordable way to master their music online.

Chosen Masters is a semi-automated tool that claims to use "modern audio processing secrets that you don't hear anywhere else". Users can upload their mix, choose their desired intensity/loudness and receive a high-quality master to download in return. The free option gives you access to five different intensity settings, while there are also a number of paid tiers, which start at $2.49 for a single song.

Find out more on the Chosen Masters’ site here. Watch a demo video below.

Earlier this month, audio technology experts iZotope announced the arrival of RX 10, the industry standard in audio repair. Ozone 10, its flagship mastering suite, which aims to make repair and mastering "more intuitive" than ever before, will also follow.

Back in 2020, SoundCloud introduced AI mastering to their music and sound sharing platform. The new mastering feature is powered by Dolby and features four different types of mastering options for different tonal results, including Thunder, for a sound that makes “car speakers rumble and club systems shake”.

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