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Circuit Mono Station is the new production box from Novation

Novation set to announce another new product at Berlin's Superbooth...

Novation follow up yesterday’s Peak synth announcement with another tasty morsel of news, this time about their new affordable sequenced monosynth: the Circuit Mono Station.

The new Circuit Mono Station, which will be released in July for around £479, builds on the previous Circuit all-in-one production station, but is a clear notch up from the original with the inclusion of a paraphonic analogue synthesiser that originates from another of the Novation’s well-known synths, the Bass Station II.

One of the biggest features of the new Mono Station is the ability to connect it to almost anything that can be found in a modern day studio, with connection options featuring CV, Gate and modulation outputs for controlling separate non-MIDI-enabled hardware.

It can be hooked up to a Mac or PC via USB and it also has MIDI In, Out and Thru, so it can be connected to a wealth of other MIDI gear - just about covering all bases in terms of connectivity.

Another neat feature is the ability to pass an external audio signal through the audio input using the analogue filters and the mod sequencer, to modulate and tweak the audio to create new and exciting sounds.

The Mono Synth is just one of two new products from Novation that will be announced at this year’s Superbooth Convention with their Peak synth preview landing yesterday. 

Mick Wilson is DJ Mag’s Tech Editor. Follow him on Twitter here.