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Donner releases entry-level analogue synth, B1

The affordable music brand marks its foray into synth-making with the 303-like unit

Donner B1 synth

Donner has released an entry-level analogue synth, the B1, marking its foray into synth-making.

Boasting an easy-to-use interface, a single oscillator design in the style of the iconic Roland TB-303 and two waveform options (square and sawtooth) with pitch modification, the B1 is loaded with the squelchy acid tones and deep bass of the 303. The intuitive design features 26 chunky silicone keys with colour-changing backlights.

The B1 is also fitted with a 16-step sequencer, 128 genre-spanning presets and 128 user-programmable presets, while there's built-in distortion/saturation and a tape delay effect for experimentation. It can be connected with multiple external sources and is compatible with a DAW for use as a MIDI keyboard.

Founded in 2012, the China-based music brand Donner is known for making affordable own-brand guitar effects pedals and instruments including guitars, drums, strings and keyboards. The Donner B1 Analogue Bass Synthesizer is priced at $168.99 and is available from their site

Back in February, Teenage Engineering rolled out a series of affordable synth modules based on its Pocket Operator Modular series, with some of the units starting at as little as £29.