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Emika's Orchestra Project to Start Recording in 2016

Kick Starter is doing some wonderfull things for the dance music community, allowing projects that were potentially out of sight to be realised, and one such project that we have been keeping an eye on over at DJ Mag is Emika’s Symphony Project.

Back in September Emika launched her Kick Starter campaign in able to record her ‘first symphony inspired by electronic music, resonant bass, echo concepts, & a beautiful soprano muse’

Thanks to the wonders of the world wide web and a legion of fans, music lovers and well wishers Emika smashed her target last week with days to spare.

Backers of the project are set to receive some very special gifts comprising of: Unreleased MP3 downloads, their name credited on the CD and Vinyl release, signed copies of the printed score, Emika’s surprise giftbox, a Skype production tutorial with Emika, exclusive and personal composed piano pieces as well as Emika providing her second to non remixing skills and vocals for the producers as well as a chance for any classical music lovers to adopt an instrument of their choice which will appear with the backers name in the video. For the highest bidder: flights and accommodation to Prague so they can see the orchestra being recorded in person as well as dining with Emika herself in the evening.

Emika and DJ Mag are looking forward to 2016 when the next phase of the project can start in earnest.