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Enter the Abyss with Dreadbox's new stylish-looking synth

Dreadbox Abyss synth hits the streets in April

Greek synth manufacturer Dreadbox showed off their new Abyss synth at this years NAMM Tech Convention.

Dreadbox have been making cool-looking and sounding synths for some time but their name isn’t as openly spoken in production circles such as the Moogs’ or Doepfers’.

Saying that, they have a legion of loyal fans who swear by their synths and effect boxes.

The new Abyss is a four-voice analogue synth that cab be used in four modes - polyphony, unison, multi-channel and chords. Not only that there is a wealth of programming options that really come together to produce a complex yet raw analogue sound.

The Dreadbox is a cool looking table top instrument with its black and blue styling with some unique features that will be available from April.

Mick Wilson is DJ Mag’s Tech Editor. Follow him on Twitter here.