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Genelec's new plugin tracks your head using cameras

Genelec’s Aural ID aims to re-create the experience of mixing with speakers

Aural ID

Genelec has launched a new plugin called Aural ID. The new software uses a companion app to measure the shape and size of your head, and the distance between ears, in order to create a personal profile of how sound reacts and travels to and around your ears. Aural ID will then save that profile into a plugin of the same name that can be loaded into your DAW. 

You can then use the plugin to place yourself virtually between speakers, and create a virtual space based on your physical hearing profile. According to Genelec, this makes listening on headphones much less tiring and more realistic. 

The plugin can be used with any DAW that supports VST/AU and can be used with any speakers or headphones, not just Genelec-branded hardware. It costs $49 a month or $490 a year. Find out more on the Genelec site and watch the video below to see how it works.