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How to make a UK drill beat in FL Studio like MKthePlug

In the second part of our How I Made series, producer MKthePlug shows us how he made the beat for RV's 'Crep Shop' 

In our new series How I Made, aimed at beat-makers, producers and anyone who’s interested in making music, we sit down with producers to break down their tracks, solo different stems and show us how they write, program and mix. They also make an idea from scratch to show us their working process and how they develop beats and chords from empty projects. Last week we premiered the first episode with Third Son breaking down his approach to making modular techno

In the second episode, MKthePlug came to our studio to show us how he made the UK drill beat for RV's 'Crep Shop' featuring Bandokay, Double LZ and SJ, in FL Studio. He shows how he programs his hats, how to add trademark slides to your 808 basslines and how to use FL's plugin Gross Beat to totally transform a sample. He also makes a beat from scratch in FL to show how he works from a blank slate. Watch the video below and make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel for more How I Made videos, tech tutorials and DJ streams.