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Declan McGlynn
27 March 2024, 13:47

KRK Systems announces fifth-generation of uber-popular monitor speaker range, ROKIT

The yellow-coned speakers are often the go-to choice for home studios


KRK Systems has announced the new fifth generation of its popular yellow-coned ROKIT range of monitor speakers.

The new generation of the speaker includes an LCD screen, an enhanced tweeter design, and three new voicing modes, to be used dependant on what you’re utilising the speakers for. Mix Mode offers a flat frequency response, while Create Mode offers a more ‘enhanced’ frequency curve for listening and writing. Focus Mode removes the high and low frequencies and focuses only on the mids to give you a more detailed picture of that area of the frequency band.

On top of these modes, the new KRK ROKIT speakers also feature 25 DSP boundary and tuning EQ combinations to help place your speaker in your room, and to counteract any issues with acoustic treatment or lack thereof.

Like previous versions, the KRK ROKIT fifth generation comes in three sizes: five-inch, seven-inch and eight-inch cones. Every model comes with a set of isolation wedges to place your new speakers on. They also come with a protective grill over the cone that can be removed if desired.

The KRK ROKIT G5s start at $399 for the five-inch version. You can find out more on KRK’s website.

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