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LANDR launches cheaper All Access Pass

The new pass also gives you access to samples, distribution and more

LANDR – the online music mastering and distribution platform – has announced a new, cheaper All Access Pass. The new pass offers users three masters a month via their in-browser AI mastering tool, access to LANDR’s samples library, dedicated space to store projects and backup files, Sessions, which gives you access to high-quality video streaming for collaboration and Distribution, which means you can release music on digital music platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and over 150 more. 

The new plan is now at a lower price, starting at £7.50 for the first six months and then £11.25 per month after that, locked into 12 months. Or you can pay upfront at £108 for the whole year. Alternatively, you can have a rolling contract, with no commitment for £18 a month. 

“All Access brings together all parts of the creative workflow that we have been working on for eight years now, providing music makers with everything they need to create, collaborate, master and distribute their music worldwide” said LANDR CEO Pascal Pilon. “Our main goal, as we developed more and more tools to expand on our industry-leading mastering product, was to curate everything an artist would need in a way that would be trivial for them to learn using, while keeping the costs low so that everyone will be able to afford the tools used by professionals to sound great.” 

Find out more about LANDR and their services here.