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Declan McGlynn
21 February 2024, 15:34

Lenco announces new direct drive DJ turntable, the L-3810

The new player comes in at an affordable £279

Lenco L3810

Lenco has announced a new direct-drive turntable called the L-3810, which is available to buy now for £279.

The player comes with an Audio-Technica AT3600 cartridge and a built-in preamp for hooking it straight to line inputs, pitch control for plus-12 to minus-12 speed adjustment, and 45 and 33RPM playback options. It also adds some more modern features like a USB connection for digitising your vinyl collection quickly and easily. 

At first glance, the L-3810 has a similar styling to the famous DJ turntable, the Technics 1210, with a square Start/Stop button and a familiar tonearm design. Lenco isn’t just pitching the unit for DJs though, the brand also claim it’s the perfect unit for home listening.

You can find out more about the L-3810 on the Lenco website.

If your budget stretches a little further, Brian Eno recently announced new versions of his colour-changing turntable coming in at a cool £20,000.