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Lenco’s new turntables feature USB, Bluetooth and built-in speakers

The new range was designed to be affordable but with some useful features

Lenco LS-430

Lenco has announced a new affordable range of turntables for home use. The LS-410, LS-430 and LS-440 are belt-driven units and feature some extra features for the modern user including USB connection for ripping your records to digital, Bluetooth 5.0 for high-quality wireless listening and four built-in speakers for instant listening. 

The LS range also features carts from Audio Technica ensuring both high-quality playback and that your records are protected. The built-in speakers are pretty powerful, with two 15W and two 10W speakers, but if you want to connect it to your own setup, you can use either the built-in phono amp or bypass it for an amp of your preference. The 430 and 440 models also offer manual pitch control and tonearm balancing.

The entry-level LS-410 costs £220 while the 430 is £240 and the 440 is £250. Find out more on Lenco's website.

Lenco released a turntable last year that can rip directly to USB stick.