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Levels is a new metering plugin to help you improve your mixes

Levels is a new plugin aimed at producers to help get a technically excellent mix.

Levels is  a collection of seven indispensable mixing and metering tools in one plugin, easy to use and easy to view, making tweaking your mixes during the production stage and especially at mixdown a far easier process, as potential errors in the mix can now be viewed via the plugins easy to read visual graphical interface.

Unless your an expert engineer often hearing and picking out those problematic areas of a mix can go unnoticed, however using Levels your not just relying on your ears but get to see a visual representation as to what is happening in your mixdown.

Levels lets you see any technical issues with your mix easily and instantly, it also features True peak metering to make sure your masters don’t clip through the speakers. It is industry and class (EBU R128) compliant integrated and uses short term LUFS meters - all this means that it is a professional piece of kit and not just a vanity plugin.

Levels also fetaures a Vectorscope to visualise stereo width. Left / right and correlation meter will glow red if there are issues with your mix and remain green if all is well. A Low Pass button on Vectorscope solos your low frequencies below 300hz so you can see their stereo width. The Dynamic Range section tells you if your music is over compressed. Algorithm based on reliable Short Term LUFS to peak ratio, and the Bass Space section identifies if any channels are outputting unwanted low frequencies.

Some of this might sound uber technical but for the uninitiated it is the mark of a professional product that will definitely help you to turnout better mixdowns and mixes.

The video below is a useful point of reference to how Levels can help you in the mix.