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Meet the team that will be judging our Live Streamed Categories at this year's DJ Mag Tech Awards

Meet the Judges, for this year’s DJ Mag Tech Awards. We will be Live Streaming the event at BPM | Pro. Our panel of expert judges will be putting the kit through it’s paces and out of this process the winners will be announced.


Doorly is a busy touring DJ/Producer who understands the importance of innovation and technology within the dance music scene.

“It’s actually mental how fast technology is moving right now, the line between being a producer, a live performer, a DJ has never been so blurred. The possibilities we have at our fingertips are infinite and ridiculously exciting. With so much going on out there I’m really grateful to have the DJ Mag Tech Awards as part of our scene, a genuinely completely un-biased look at the best equipment out there."

Dr Meaker

Drum and Bass Maestro Dr Meaker is no stranger to the technological side of dance music, always happy to approach new technology in order to push the boundaries of his music further.

“The DJ mag tech awards are important for the scene as they connect the dots… They help to bridge the gap between the musicians & artists and connect them with the companies that provide the tools and the technology… It’s a cool way to get everyone in one room and creates a great environment for feedback and new ideas.”


DJ, Producer and label owner Emika, is not one to shy away from using technology as a creative part of her art. Willing to explore all technological options in order to satisfy the vagaries of her sound.

“The DJ Mag Tech Awards show current trends and interests of DJs, producers, and the music tech companies themselves. It’s a context for the vital exchange of information between music lovers. It is a chance for everyone to take stock of where things are at and imagine where they are going next.”


One of the most sort after names on the DJ and production circuit, with remixes, collaborations and original material fueling the movement, Kryder openly embraces technology be it in the studio or behind the decks.

“The awards are important for both artists and DJs respectively as the scene is constantly changing, and technology is at the forefront of pushing things forward. It’s a great place to get inspired and also to share your experiences with the next generation.”

Mick Wilson DJ Mag Tech Editor

DJ Mag Tech Editor Mick Wilson is at the forefront of the technological movement with in the electronic dance music scene.

"The DJ Mag Tech Awards is an important facet of dance music culture, whilst ultimately it’s all about the music, we cannot forget to champion the technology that is helping to drive the scene forward. Bringing with it new sounds and fresh innovative approaches to how we work, enjoy and interact with the technical offerings at our disposal.