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Declan McGlynn
2 October 2023, 12:02

Moog Music issue statement following layoffs at Asheville factory

The synth company was recently acquired by inMusic

Moog Music

Moog Music has issued a statement regarding the reported layoffs that have impacted “more than half” of their Asheville, NC HQ staff, as well as see some of the company's product manufacturing move to Taiwan. The news, originally reported in the Asheville-Citizen-Times, came a few months after Moog’s acquisition by inMusic was announced back in June 2023. Moog Music’s statement read:

“Last Friday [Sept 22nd], we parted ways with a number of our skilled production team members. For those of us still with Moog, these employees represent friends, siblings, spouses. This hasn’t been easy for anyone. Please know that these folks were provided continued compensation and benefits as they plan their next career steps."

The statement went on to say:

“Moog Music headquarters will remain in Asheville, NC. We will continue to design, engineer, service, and manufacture instruments here. We will also manufacture a selection of our instruments with trusted partners who are dedicated to maintaining the quality and sound of Moog products. Some of these partners have already been helping us for years to create instruments you know and love. These changes are necessary for the future of Moog as we continue to face the ongoing challenges of manufacturing electronic instruments in America.”

You can read the statement in full on Moog Music’s Instagram

Moog was acquired by music tech conglomerate inMusic in June. The company also own Numark, Denon DJ, Akai, Alesis, and many more household names.