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April Clare Welsh
6 March 2023, 16:48

Musicians can control expression using breath with this new hardware

The AirMotion is a wearable "MIDI breath and motion controller" from Papritech


Papritech have created "a MIDI breath and motion controller".

The AirMotion is "the world's first wireless controller that can be quickly configured via your smartphone to send MIDI control change messages to your musical instrument. With a built-in sensor, it "mimics the way musicians naturally interact with their instruments" and works with any device that supports MIDI input.

AirMotion comprises a breath controller/mouthpiece attached to a flexible metal tube, which is then worn around the user's neck. Musicians can control volume, expression, pitch, and modulation by assigning any MIDI message to breath or head motions (there are 127 MIDI messages to choose from). The MIDI message is then sent to the musical instrument or the DAW.

The AirMotion can be configured via a tablet or smartphone and is compatible with all USB-MIDI keyboards and most DAWs. It's priced at $122.00 and can be pre-ordered from the Papritech site here. Watch a demo below.