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360 technology is all the rage!

Club promoters New Business are jumping on board the 360-degree technology bandwagon, with their latest flyer for their next event on 28th January — hosted at The Pickle Factory, Oval Space.

Getting ready for the forthcoming VR revolution, the London-based promoters are creating 360 immersive flyers than offer something a little different to the norm. 

On the new format, Tom Russell the flyer designer (and also resident DJ at New Business/one half of Crucial & Fresh), said, “I’ve always had an interest in the mixing of visual styles: post modern architecture, graphic design and interiors. That all fed into the creative direction of the party before we even figured what we’d call it.

"In my day job, I’m training to be an architect, designing immersive mock-ups of the projects we’re working on. As exciting as it is to be involved in real life building projects, I was looking for a way to do the same with little or no constraint for the music and technology side of things. I started playing around taking the visual cues from the flyers we’d already done, and combining it with the best elements from all the YouTube videos.

"I guess the aim is to use the new technology to create something that’s design-conscious but playful. It’s a party after all.”

Check out the 360 flyer here: New Business x Disco Halal: Moscoman, Naduve and Crucial & Fresh

(NB: Unfortunately it doesn’t work on Apple’s Safari browser — use Chrome!)

Mick Wilson is DJ Mag’s Tech Editor. Follow him on Twitter here.