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New documentary about Brian Eno’s career features "groundbreaking" generative music technology

The doc features behind-the-scenes footage of recording sessions and more 

Brian Eno

A documentary about Brian Eno’s career, featuring "groundbreaking generative technology”, is currently in the works.

Directed by Gary Hustwit, 'Eno' will feature hundreds of hours of never-before-seen footage, as well as unreleased music from Eno’s personal archive. It will be available in multiple versions – from digital formats and cinema screenings to site-specific installations – and "employ groundbreaking generative technology in its creation and exhibition”.

According to Hustwit, the film will “offer a deep dive into subjects that Eno has been notably passionate about, such as sustainability, social equity, and the future of civilisation, while centring above all on the nature of creativity”.

“You can’t make a conventional, by-the-numbers bio-doc about Brian Eno,” he wrote. “That would be antithetical and a missed opportunity. What I’m trying to do is to create a cinematic experience that’s as innovative as Brian’s approach to music and art.”

Back in 2008, Eno and musician/software designer Peter Chilvers created a generative music app called Bloom, later designing an expanded version of the app called Bloom: 10 Worlds in 2018.

'Eno' is slated for release in 2023. Check Hustwit's site for more info.

To mark Earth Day last month, Eno gathered over 100 artists for his 'EarthPercent x Earth Day' project, with all funds raised going towards his climate change initiative EarthPercent. Find out how you can get involved here.