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Declan McGlynn
22 March 2024, 12:22

New music marketplace launches that allows artists to keep 100% of their revenue

AC55ID is a new Bandcamp-style website that works via subscription


A new music marketplace called AC55ID has launched that allows artists to sell their music, merch, physical releases and more, all for free, with no percentage taken by the platform.

AC55ID is a new Bandcamp-style website that works via subscription, and charges artists who want to sell music $10 a month to host their digital downloads or physical products. Fans can set up an account for free and pay for each download at a price point set by the artist.

AC55ID also includes a fulfilment service meaning it can press, cut, master and ship an artist’s vinyl records. It uses a technology called Bio Vinyl, which is a petroleum-free alternative to traditional vinyl production, offering a sustainable way to press small runs of records. AC55ID also say that artists can use a fan-powered campaign “[to] customise various elements such as vinyl colour, weight, jacket style, and more, all without any financial risk or upfront investment”. Once a reserve threshold is hit, AC55ID can start the vinyl production run.

The platform also uses blockchain technology to "guarantee that all transactions on the platform are transparent, secure, and immutable”.

Speaking about the launch, AC55ID CEO James said, "We were inspired by the success of Bandcamp Fridays, where the first Friday of each month saw Bandcamp waiving its revenue share. We've taken this idea a step further by guaranteeing artists and labels an unprecedented 100 percent of their earnings consistently. Our pledge covers all digital and physical sales through its marketplace, aiming to foster a fairer ecosystem for independent creators."

Find out more about AC55ID via the company’s website here, and read our feature on how producers are losing millions in royalties every year.