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Check out the hot new Phantom DN78 Valve Mixer from Superstereo

The New DN78 Phantom Valve from Superstereo is a rather cool looking, hand made desktop analogue DJ mixer featuring two dual input channels, one mono mic channel, two stereo USB channels featuring rotary faders and an optional rotary cross-fader.

Now we’ve already mentioned this is another addition to the resurgent rotary mixers, that have captured many a savvy DJs attention, but this is where it gets really cool, this one differs is the fact that it uses Valve technology to make it sound super sweet.

Yeah Valves as found in Hi End audio equipment. This mixer is an audiophiles dream. Designed to the highest audio standards featuring the valve stage which gives extra warmth and depth to the sound. Anyone who has heard a Valve amp will know how lush and beautiful this mixer is going to sound!

The DN78 Phantom Valve Mixer (cool name) is for use by professional DJ’s, clubs and venues. Packed with loads of features to enhance the DJ’s performance and sound.

Everything stuffed inside this mixer has been sourced to deliver the best studio and audiophile grade, helping to create a very unique sounding mixer.

And to top it off it also comes with a high quality 32bit/384kHz four channel sound card built in. The sound card uses a USB interface found in the best converters in the world and the latest delta sigma oversampling DAC’s to give true studio quality playback, enabling easy integration to digital media. The USB interface can be used for playback from most popular DJ software platforms on both MAC and PC.

The Phantom Valve DN78 is a thing of beauty it has it all, good looks and sounds great, check it out below:  

DN78 Phantom Valve Series Rotary DJ Mixer from on Vimeo.