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ROLI tease a relaunch of their flagship Seaboard controller

The innovative multi-gestural controller has been revamped

ROLI Seaboard

ROLI has teased a new improved update to their innovative multi-touch controller Seaboard, the product that launched their name around the world. The multi-touch controller features a soft, sponge-like interface that sends signals to software, offering far more nuanced control than you would get from a static keyboard, fader or knob. 

The original Seaboard launched ROLI’s name into the spotlight among musicians, producers and artists and it was backed by Pharrell among others. 

They since launched a series of more affordable products like the Blocks and Lumi keyboard, but haven’t released a new piece of hardware since 2017. They’re now teasing a “re-imagined and re-engineered” of the Seaboard, which is due to launch in March.

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