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SSL announces new ’80s-inspired delay plugin

The X-Delay borrows its style from some classic kit

SSL X-Delay

SSL has announced a new delay plugin called X-Delay. The ’80s-inspired plugin uses four different delays to create a range of slap-back and feedback options, opening up a sound or a track to add depth and width. Along with the four delays, it also features SSL saturation, width control for enhancing the stereo image, de-esser control, modulation to create some movement in the delay tail and delay freeze button for creative, sustained delays. There’s also a built-in reverb. The filters let you shape the sound of the delay while the feedback goes beyond 100% for more whacky and out-of-control tails. 

The interface recalls some classic ’80s hardware like Eventide and AMS, so expect crunchy, thick slap back as well as lush tails. 

X-Delay is set at an introductory price of $129, after which it’ll return to $199. Find out more about SSL X-Delay here.