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Steinberg update Cubase to 9.5: Watch

The incremental update sees some fun and functional changes…

Steinberg’s legendary DAW Cubase has been upgraded to 9.5. After a long lead-in period, version 9.5 has landed today is available for £497 or a £51 upgrade fee from version 9. The main new features include a doubling of the amount of inserts on each channel, a new GUI design for their most popular compressors and effects, Direct Offline Processing, a new 64-bit mixing engine and the ability to create multiple automation curves.

It’s very much a workflow-based update, allowing you to get creative faster. Steinberg have also updated the video engine in favour of smoother and more reliable codecs. It seems it’s upgrade season, with Ableton 10 and Garageband iOS both getting new versions within the past month.