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Steve Lacy made his new track entirely on iPhone & GarageBand


Steve Lacy has launched a new project — titled the ‘Steve Lacy’s Demo’ — made from music created by using only his iPhone and Apple’s Garageband.

The new project showcases just how far music-making apps have come, proving that you don’t need expensive studio time in order to make complete dancefloor-ready tracks.

Steve explained during an interview on a Beats 1 Show that he started making beats on his iPhone because: "there needn’t be any excuses to making tracks, not having the right equipment," and that producers can just get on with it using the new apps available. 

Equipped with an iRig from IK Multimedia which he picked up for under £20, Akai’s iMPC app for chopping up the drums and samples, Garageband and a few cool guitar effects, Steve went about putting the tracks together to show that it doesn’t take expensive studio time to come up with great tracks.

Hear more from the Steve Lacy’s Demo project tonight on the Beats 1 radio show — The ‘Internet presents the Internet’ — where Steve will discuss and play tracks from the new project, as well as airing his new record ‘Dark Red’.

But before that, you can hear a snippet of last Monday’s interview below from the Mark Wilkinson's Beats 1 show where Steve explains a bit about the new project.

Mick Wilson is DJ Mag’s Tech Editor. Follow him on Twitter here.