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Teenage Engineering launch new mini mixer TX-6

The ultra-portable, battery-powered mixer is compatible with iOS devices


Teenage Engineering has launched a new handheld mini mixer called the TX-6.

This six-channel battery-powered device can be controlled over USB-C with iOS hardware or through external MIDI devices and is equipped with a synth, drum machine, sequencer, eight built-in effects – including reverb, delay, chorus, freeze, tape, filter and distortion – and an instrument tuner.

Furnished in anodised aluminium with synthetic leather backing and a rechargeable battery, the mixer can also be turned on its side and switched into 'DJ mode', turning each channel into a crossfader. It is the Stockholm-based brand’s introduction into the audio interface market.

The TX-6 is the first of Teenage Engineering’s new Field System line of products which are "designed with portability, compatibility and durability in mind" and "driven by a desire to rethink the way we approach music-making,” they say. The mixer is priced at £1,199, a fairly high price for what appears to be a simple unit, but as is always the case with Teenage Engineering, there's likely more to the unit than meets the eye. 

Find out more on the Teenage Engineering site.

Earlier this year, the Swedish brand introduced a collection of new affordable modules based on its Pocket Operator Modular series, which start at £29.